The story of creator Ysabel Despouy

Plastic designer Ysabel Despouy spent her childhood in the south of France.
At 18 she leaves for the Caribbean Islands.
The islands of the West Indies and the countries of Latin America are her home. She exposes her work and lives from her paintings and creations.

In the 90s she moves to the north of the Dominican Republic and created the gallery Nativ’Arte, space dedicated to crafts, art and decoration.
Her creations highlight the natural materials of the country and are appreciated both locally and abroad.
She sets up unique and successful collaborations with local artists and craftsmen.

In 2009 she leaves the Dominican Republic and travel to other islands of Brazil, Indonesia and the Balearic Islands.

Since 2011 she settled down in Morocco where Ysabel works in her studio to create objects, jewelry and accessories, mixing beautiful materials: raffia, precious leathers, silver, glass beads … in an original way.
Her “free and bohemian” collections are distributed in single pieces or in limited series.

In 2012 Creation of “Isla Yemaya”: Isla for love of the islands, Yemaya (goddess of the afro-latina sea)

“An island to discover”, an invitation to enter a world of fantasy, sensuality, and poetry, populated by sirens and desert princesses ….

Accessories are the spices that give everyday life flavor and color.”
Loulou de la Falaise, YSL muse