My magical world

Accessories are the spices that give everyday life flavor and color.” (Loulou de la Falaise, YSL muse)
The collection
Isla Yemaya of Ysabel Despouy, delves deep into a sensual world of poetry and magic. A world that mixes very well with the 1001 night atmosphere of Morocco.
My youth I spent in France where I studied plastic arts, but at an early age I choose distant horizons to inspire me.
Caribbean, West Indies and Latin America become my home. After some years, the Nomad in me awakens and I leave to travel around Brazil, Indonesia and the Balearic Islands.
It is my encounter with charming Essaouira that makes me settle down again, it ‘s also Essaouira which inspires me to take on a very different approach on art.
Unique or limited series of jewelry, handbags, masks …

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